How to ask question in forum


This is a very frequently asked question by the new user, How to ask question in forum ? Many people come and searched here and there and they don’t know the way to ask questions. So after reading this short article you can easily get ” How to ask question in forum ?

In our Yuvayana Forum, we created some sub forum for the convenience of our users. A simple person can consider these forums as categories like General Chit Chat, SSC, IBPS SBI RBI discussion etc. So Before asking a question you have to select the category of sub forum. Just click on the respective category and then you will enter in that.

After clicking on Sub-Forum / Category you will see many questions or topics created by the other users. First try to find out your question in those topi, If you don’t get exact answer then goto the bottom and there you will see create new topic option. There are some options you have to fill out.

Name :

Write Your Full name in this box.

Email Id :

Write your email in this box. Your email will not be publish with your question. This is just for communication through email.

Website :

If you have any website of blog then you can put it here other wise left this field blank.

Title :

In the Title put a heading of your question that defines perfectly. Like if you are an SSC aspirant and want to ask about SSC – CGL examination result date  then your Topic may be look like “I want to know about SSC CGL examinations result date” .

Question Description:

Just below the Topic you have to write the question description. In that you can write detail about your question. With this description other people of forum and our Mentor will understand what exactly you want to know.

how to ask question in forum
how to ask question in forum

Now Click on the submit button. You question is now in the forum, our mentor and other user will give you answer. You can check your e mail for further communication or you can come here directly to check answers.

Or Simply You can ask your question from here. Just select in which category you want to ask.

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